4PC/Set Nespresso Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Capsule Coffee Tamper Reusable Coffee Pod Business Birthday Coffeeware Gift

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How To Use


Question 1: the coffee is not strong.

 Cause 1:Maybe because of the coarse coffee power

Solution: Coffee power thickness must like as Nestle Nespresso capsule,coffee power need uniform particle.

 Cause 2: maybe because of the fluffy coffee power

Solution: when you load the coffee,press harder and harder.

Question :When use the steel capsule,do not come coffee or a little coffee,why?

 Cause 1:maybe in the steel capsule,there is a lot of coffee power

Solution: it is better to make the capsule only 95% full of coffee power .

 Cause 2:maybe the coffee power ,very close

Solution: please see the instruction,how to fill the coffee power.

 Cause 3:The coffee so fine.

Solution: the coffee powder,do not like as milk power,flour.

 Cause 4:The holes in the lid,be blocked.

Solution: Use finished,clean and spare.

It is Important to Experiment with Correct Amount of Coffee About 6 to 7g, (5g/spoon) and Also Pay Attention to Grind Which Can Neither be Too Coarse Nor Too Fine. Please Try a Few Times to Find the Correct One . You Will be Surprised How Good and Creamy the Coffee Is. 



Additional information


1 Capsule 1 Tamper A, 2 Capsule 1 Tamper A, 3 Capsule 1 Tamper A, 1 capsule, 2 capsules, 3 capsules, 1 Capsule 1 Tamper B, 2 Capsule 1 Tamper B, 3 Capsule 1 Tamper B, 1 capsule B, 2 capsules B, 3 capsules B, 1 Tamper

Ships From

CHINA, Spain


Stainless Steel

Filter Type

Reusable Filters

Item Type 1

reusable nespresso capsule

Item Type 2

coffee refillable capsules


Resuable and refillable

Compative With

nespresso coffee capsule machine

Material Type

Food grade stainless steel

Capsule Type

Refillable nespresso coffee capsule

Package Including

2pcs coffee capsule and 1 pcs coffee tamper

Accessories Including

1pcs spoon 1pcs brush 6pcs silicone rings

Gross Weight

about 0.30kg/set

20 reviews for 4PC/Set Nespresso Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Capsule Coffee Tamper Reusable Coffee Pod Business Birthday Coffeeware Gift

  1. Derrick Sclafani

    good quality and the coffee taste with it same as the orginal coffee with plastic capsule .fast shipping i recommend the seller

  2. Jannette Wilmes

    Fast delivery, good quality. I use it with DeLonghi coffee machine. Works well. Thanks.

  3. Néo Lortie

    Excellent capsules, the only thing you need to insert the capsule from below for Nespresso DeLonghi, and so normal))
    The only negative is that they sent the order more than 2 weeks (

  4. Windy Milnes

    Nice quality but the coffee does not pass in my Nespresso KRUPS machine. Damage

  5. Aasiyah Haney

    Delivery to Moscow two weeks.
    Flavored Dominican coffee. The photo has two options when half the capsule and when full. Full gives a darker color and a more saturated taste. But that one thing is that the other is just coffee water. I’ll try another coffee, maybe. But at first glance the efficiency to the capsules is far away.
    The lid with the capsule does not close, I had to bottom where the capsules fall, insert.

  6. Mammie Aguiniga

    Poduto great quality, worth the investment.

  7. Graham Rankin

    The product is exactly which described. No loss of ground coffee to be used and get a coffee rich if a little watery… Imagine it to be a matter of time it goes more concentrated. Recommend

  8. Oscar Álvarez

    Very convenient, took 3 pieces, as the capsules after cooking are hot. You can’t take it right away.
    The original capsules are slightly crumpled in a wide place (where Falga) when refueling, and these are not. Therefore, they are not included at the first insert. I held the handles 15-20 times gently pressed to the plastic to priteret (which is responsible for holding the capsule).
    The difference in quality between cheap Lor capsules, and ground coffee is very big.
    Recomed! And less waste will be for nature.

  9. Marlen Akhmetov

    Szło pretty long as per AliExpress standard shipping but the product fully worth its core price. Very well made. Had sell it because not noticed that to my coffeemaker does not fit, but compared to the appropriate capsules which I ordered it these are large better quality. Lid in my is just for wcisk and here is screwed what surely will allow for better using.

  10. Shanda Gatling

    Todo arrived well, now ago missing prove that yes work. Thanks to the seller!

  11. Gianmaria De Sario

    Goods arrived in 21 days to Poland. Mega good workmanship and packaging. Wyglada for product with higher shelf. Coffee comes out very good.

  12. Diedra Spath

    Product looks great and good quality. haven’t tried it yet. The product got shipped by the seller in 3 to 4 days after ordering, but took very long to arrive to Qatar. Almost 2 month.

  13. Takako Ream

    For nispresso from delongi is suitable if you put the capsule from below. Tracked. Came quickly.

  14. Germain Beaumont

    high quality!! this is perfect! fast shipping, exactly as described

  15. Debbie Tanner

    Delivered to Moscow in 16 days. Good gift box, the quality of the product is quite at the height. Comparison with plastic capsules can not withstand. In the coffee maker from above does not climb, only through the bottom, the quality of the drink in plastic is better and foam at least some is present. But coffee this drink is difficult to call, rather Russiano! Conclusion-it is better to buy here a Vietnamese stainless steel filter, at a price of 4 times cheaper, and coffee is much tastier cooking.

  16. Jaqueline Phipps

    I haven’t used it yet, but the material is good.

  17. Iside Casaletto

    Shipment dotarła in perfect condition. Is consistent with the description seller. Was quickly sent, but same her travel to me durable over a month. Capsule wypróbowałam, operate in my ekspresie. Recommend salesman.

  18. Kemberly Roza

    Very long time since March 2020, finally I got it today (May, 2020)

  19. Clarita Pursell

    The capsules are excellent workmanship. Easy to open and close. Unfortunately I haven’t checked the compatibility with my machine before you buy. I have a mini C30 and the capsule does not properly angle, but fortunately enters perfectly from below and it works. The quality of the coffee dispensed is good, less strong than capsules disposable but I do still some experiment.

  20. Maariya Kramer

    Packaging right. It takes quite a lot of work to get the capsule into the coffee machine. Once introduced it works correctly.

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