Nespresso Refillable Capsule Reusable Coffee Filter Dripper Steel Nespresso Cafeteira Capsulas De Cafe Recargables Reutilizables

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Nespresso Refillable Capsule Reusable Coffee Filter Dripper Steel Nespresso Cafeteira Capsulas De Cafe Recargables Reutilizables

Product Information

Brand:Dalinwell,100% New and High Quality reusable nespresso capsule,Stainless steel flat base, labor-saving and even when tamping coffee.

Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel.Good for your health.

Capacity: 5g Coffee Powder.

Size: steel capsule,top dia 36mm,botton dia 23mm,height about 27mm.tamper botton dia 24mm,height about 65mm.


1.Unlimited times is nespresso coffee refillable and reusable capsules

2.This ecofriendly stainless steel coffee capsule and coffee tamper are Designed for Nespresso machine

3.An ideal gift for the discerning coffee drinker.

4.Works great in your kitchen or coffee bar.

It is Important to Experiment with Correct Amount of Coffee About 6 to 7g, (5g/spoon) and Also Pay Attention to Grind Which Can Neither be Too Coarse Nor Too Fine. Please Try a Few Times to Find the Correct One . You Will be Surprised How Good and Creamy the Coffee Is. 

Free Gift:1 x Replacement Silicone Ring,1 x Measuring Scoop,1 x Cleaning Brush


Question 1: the coffee is not strong.

 Cause 1:Maybe because of the coarse coffee power

Solution: Coffee power thickness must like as Nestle Nespresso capsule,coffee power need uniform particle.

 Cause 2: maybe because of the fluffy coffee power

Solution: when you load the coffee,press harder and harder.

Question :When use the steel capsule,do not come coffee or a little coffee,why?

 Cause 1:maybe in the steel capsule,there is a lot of coffee power

Solution: it is better to make the capsule only 95% full of coffee power .

 Cause 2:maybe the coffee power ,very close

Solution: please see the instruction,how to fill the coffee power.

 Cause 3:The coffee so fine.

Solution: the coffee powder,do not like as milk power,flour.

 Cause 4:The holes in the lid,be blocked.

Solution: Use finished,clean and spare.



Additional information


1 Capsule 1 Tamper, 1 Capsule, 2 Capsule 1 Tamper, 3 Capsule 1 Tamper, 2 Capsules, 3 Capsules, 1 Tamper


Stainless Steel

Filter Type

Reusable Filters

Item Type 1

reusable nespresso capsule

Item Type 2

coffee refillable capsules


Resuable and refillable

Compative With

nespresso coffee capsule machine

Material Type

Food grade stainless steel

Capsule Type

Refillable nespresso coffee capsule

Package Including

1pcs coffee capsule and 1 pcs coffee tamper

Accessories Including

1pcs spoon 2pcs brush 3pcs silicone rings

Gross Weight

about 0.178kg/set

20 reviews for Nespresso Refillable Capsule Reusable Coffee Filter Dripper Steel Nespresso Cafeteira Capsulas De Cafe Recargables Reutilizables

  1. Starr Lheureux

    loved it

  2. Clarita Pursell

    Excellent quality. I’m going to try it and these days I tell you what the results are. Greetings.

  3. Mahi Reid

    The product is identical to the description thanks to the seller for the speed of delivery
    In less than twenty days to Algeria

  4. Kawano Tanyu

    very good , fast delivery , and exactly as described

  5. Della Drew

    The product is excellent quality. Arrived fast and in perfect condition, however, after 03 attempts could not hit the point of espresso. Is leaving weak.

  6. Xose Mendez

    Thank you very much, very good product

  7. Patty Balser

    Works. For case coffee poor but it only first experiments.

  8. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Very fast delivery. Equal to the product description

  9. Iside Casaletto

    The product is great and the packaging is very excellent and arrived in excellent condition at an excellent speed. But I think the price is too much.

  10. Gayla Tincher


  11. Eleri Barnes

    Shipping took a day
    Goods is satisfactory so much. Rubber seal is more buyers can hope.
    Stainless steel products abrasives because Tap Oil asked the hinge kitchen towel wipe after standard
    Washing should not be having. Abrasives close 맣 to bury or Yorkshire

  12. Adella Tarry


  13. Fritz Filippi

    Ordered February 3, received the 29th, although the parcel came earlier for a week. The goods without damage, to my Nespresso came up perfectly, everything works. I did not communicate with the seller. Thank you!

  14. Ira Forster

    press the coffee in the capsule

  15. Carla Poole

    Fast delivery good packing good quality

  16. Wendelin Jonas

    We are satisfied as expected.

  17. Shanda Gatling


  18. Chae Jiang

    The product corresponds to the description. But I do not advise very much. The gaskets between the parts pop out and I feel like enough for not a long time

  19. Aasiyah Haney

    Very good and Prozo schedule

  20. Lorean Soni


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