STAINLESS STEEL Metal Reusable Dolce Gusto Capsule Compatible with Nescafe Coffee Machine Refillable Dolci Filter Dripper Tamper

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We are a professional manufacturer specialized in research, development, manufacture and marketing in the field of coffee products.At the same time, we won number of patents. We creat lots of reusable coffee capsules to replace the pre-filled coffee capsules, it is not only could save 80% money you spend but also reduce carbon steps to protect the earth.

As we all know, Crema is part of Espresso coffee, most capsules in the market can not slove the crema issue, so here come our CREMA VERSION Dolce Gusto capsule. After several months of research, our technical team has solved this dificult technical problem, no matter what size of the coffee grinds you put, it can make a cup of real ESPRESSO COFFEE WITH CREMA. If you are the one who cares CREMA, our capsule is the best choice for you.



Type: Reusable Dolce Gusto Capsule

Capacity: 14g coffee grinds

Material: food grade 304 stainless steel

Suitable for: Nescafé Dolce Gusto Machines



1.REUSABLE, saving money, saving earth.


3.LOWER YOUR COSTS, 10+ year life time use, less than $0.01/time when you use.

4.SAFE TO USE, make of food-grade 304 stainless steel, BPA FREE, LEAD FREE.

5. MAKE ESPRESSO CREMA COFFEE as original Dolce Gusto coffee pods do.

6. Compatible with: ALLNescafe Dolce Gusto models including the Mini Me, Genio, Esperta and Circolo.

















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3capsules 1tamper, Plum, 2 capsules 1 tamper, Dark Grey, Multi, 1 capsule 1 tamper, 2 capsule, 1 capsule, 1tamper, 3 capsule, 1 capsule 1 tamper 1, PEACOCK BLUE


Stainless Steel

Filter Type

Permanent Filters

20 reviews for STAINLESS STEEL Metal Reusable Dolce Gusto Capsule Compatible with Nescafe Coffee Machine Refillable Dolci Filter Dripper Tamper

  1. Coleen Dragon

    The product is excellent and the raw material is good the capsule is perfect and the second feels drunk but afraid of the pressure of the water It is strong that it leaks but you see the belief of me and what has been tried by the product so far and I see the kind I love you will need a strong Shui from me as I built my comment

    The tungsten or metal piston is excellent, heavy, solid and feels practical

  2. Reiko Jeanlouis

    To Petrozavodsk 15 days. Everything is OK. For minime, a lid with a straight hole came up. When I used another, everything went through the top.

  3. Durante Sciara

    Great quality product, recommend!

  4. Moriya Masanobu

    The item is just as described, works quite well. I would recommend this for your dulce gusto machine. Box was a bit damaged but other than that great product. Will order another one.

  5. Nour Hartman

    Very good now and test

  6. Emmanuel Gillie

    Very good. Can not put too much water but leaking but thats kinda obvious. Recommend. See no need of meter. Compressor Eh good but not essential.

  7. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Just bought the capsule, and Q worth having purchased the tamper also. Arrived in order, is not a perfect fit, but with knack TD. Came 2 silicone lids, different fits best Q to another. THE important is Q coffee out just like, creamy and espuminha! And to make stronger or weaker. Super worth!

  8. Graham Rankin

    Product arrived too fast, excellent quality!

  9. Eleri Barnes

    The product is very good and fine.

  10. Lelah Pelosi

    Excellent product. Amazing coffee. With this capsule is possible make better and cheaper coffee than the original ones from Dolce Gusto.

  11. Fernand Aveline

    THE product is amazing! The order Not took .. Arrived with 35 days But the coffee is delicious!

  12. Ted Basye

    Works very well fulfill the promises and still came a extra cover.
    Crema Coffee excellent.

  13. Enrique Lutz

    The product come with the box a little wrinkled, but nothing that affected the product, as product functionality being great, not leak and makes a very good, recommend to everyone!!!

  14. Yuvraj Wolf

    Despite pandemic delivery is very fast. The product is very good definitely recommend.

  15. Fritz Filippi

    Arrived all perfect and very early!!!! Recommend for sure!!!

  16. Della Drew

    Excellent!!! In my coffe machine KRUPS work cap Smooth, the other rebasa water by ALL sides!
    Came two tops! Many thanks to the seller, superb quality of the product.

  17. Carla Poole

    Very good choice for use in Dolce Gusto coffee maker. It works very well.

  18. Craig Piro

    Package was little damaged, but everything is ok, coffee is delicious, full aroma and tasty of coffee beans, creamy froth. I’m very satisfied and I recommends this seller

  19. Windy Milnes

    Great quality product. Very functional. Use everyday. Communicative.

  20. Branda Goshorn

    Very high quality, very recommended, still try to figure out making sure I do not break the pin of my dolce machine

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